KouKou Kyoushi


400 said...

maybe the simplied version chinese subtitles is too lousy, i even did not complete this tv series.

btw, i want to buy a set of 'their era', the shop at 2/F of 188 mall no longer have stock. do you have any idea? thanks.

潘字頭 said...

what is this drama / movie?

400 said...


潘字頭 said...

Oh thanks 400~
Is that old drama? Aya Ueto is the main actress of this one or just one of the episodes?

400 said...

seems上?彩is not in the"她們的時代".


潘字頭 said...

Then who is that girl in those pictures that Ah Mo posted? That should be aya ueto :P
Perhaps that is from other TV drama?

400 said...

seems it is ' a litre of tears'?

AhMo said...



Ahmo said...



400 said...

i am so lucky to have watched it. thanks ahmo

btw, the girl's pic posted in this thread very looks alike the girl in 'a litre of tears'.

lolita said...

- abt the pics:
they look alike coz they're both crying.
but the girl in "1L tears" didn't shed nose blood. she only faints.

- abt "their era":
quote, from burns, "ask lolita."

- abt "soft hard":
try "encore", the 2nd last track of "long time no see".

400blows said...

i think 梁款 is lucky, cos his name inside ahmo's writing is same as the original one. haha.

Anonymous said...

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