Considerably good

Derek Yee's best work, definitely maybe.

劉德華 - C+
張靜初 - B-
吳彥祖 - B-
古天樂 - B
袁詠儀 - C
小妹妹 - A
廖啟智 - A-
爾冬陞(as actor) - C-
爾冬陞(as director) - A-
美指 - C-
攝影 - B
剪接 - C-
音樂 - C
劇本 - B


400blows said...

i watched yee's work too. sometimes when i don't think the movie is as good as ahmo comment, i will ask myself why for 0.0001 second. btw, it's a serious work and i enjoyed the movie. but the ending 1 min (with girl and wu) is too much?

潘字頭 said...

i think this is a very good film too. good script(i would say very fine), good performance(e.g.智叔is cool), and of coz good director.

for the ending, i feel comfort and warm, especially after those bloody and terrible scenes. Perhaps that's why Yee want to have that to "balance" our feeling while we leave the theatre, haha.

Good job Mr. Yee.

400blows said...

my favourite scene

廖啟智 (kind of the air conditioner scene in one night in mongkok)

How Daniel treat Louis Ku finally, reflect human nature

Ahmo said...

多謝兩位老友支持﹐使本blog不至終結於"0 comment"﹐替臨終前的我﹐挽回一點顏面。也原諒我沒到兩位那裡拜年。


400blows said...

your blog, movie, jap tv series is very 有益 to us. thanks.